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I am Pavel Švejda and I have been working professionally in the field for more than 15 years. At the beginning as a designer for leading Czech agencies, then I built my own full-service agency. By doing so, on the one hand I gained valuable experience and know-how across the industry with hundreds of clients, but I also learned first-hand how the digital agency business works and stopped seeing a future in it. Instead, what I see the future in is in the proper networking of freelancers without the ballast associated with agencies. That's why I founded CubesDigital s.r.o. in 2015, where we bring together Czech freelancers under one roof, and who we bring together for client projects. I myself, besides running the company and web consulting, also work as a digital designer.


I create UX and UI web design for websites, e-shops, as well as web and mobile applications. Subsequently, I am also able to completely implement the website myself thanks to the great Webflow tool. But when needed, I also have an overlap into video, print design and corporate identity. 


While running a full-service agency, I was exposed to all the disciplines around websites and gained a lot of experience and know-how, which I now apply as a web and marketing consultant. I can put together briefs, strategies, branding, or look after current webmasters. In general, I will ensure that you are successful and profitable online.


I founded and still run CubesDigital s.r.o., where we cluster our tested Czech web freelancers (now 90+), which we connect appropriately for client projects. Thus, you get the background and staff of a digital agency without the ballast of a digital agency - for example, without the hundreds of percent agency markup on the price. I believe that unless traditional digital agencies adapt and change in the future, they will gradually disappear from the market.

I am also a father, a lover of good coffee, a perfectionist and a modern technology enthusiast.


15+ years
for 400+ clients
with many awards

CZ: Švejda nabízí digitální služby pod značkou Cubes
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You can find my selected works on

Webdesign for Talterra Webdesign for VICF Webdesign for Hrdlička Webdesign for Hrdlička Webdesign for Kadanik Webdesign for JidloDnes Webdesign for Svatá Ludmila Webdesign for BIM Webdesign for IGNUM Webdesign for DobreElektro Webdesign for HRForum Webdesign for Kurzy Zpivani
How cooperation works

Whether I'm helping you with internet marketing, advising you on the web environment in general, or creating a design, it's always important to get to know you and your business and have quality assignments. So if you don't have any briefs, let's start there. According to that, I will then suggest a method of implementation, price and deadlines, from which I will not deviate and get down to the work itself.

What is my scope and method of communication

The beauty of today is that wherever you are in the world, collaboration is not a problem. On the other hand, I have a lot of experience in remote working and have created my own processes to make sure everything works perfectly. Personally, I move on the route Prague - Jihlava - Brno.

What are the billing details and am I a VAT payer

The billing information is: Pavel Švejda, DiS. , Fritzova 267/30, Třešt', 58901, ID: 86931881, VAT: CZ8911021515. I am a VAT payer.

Which clients I work for

I work for clients who are serious about their business. They want measurable results, top quality and maximum punctuality in deadlines. They are not looking for the lowest price, but rather the best price/result ratio. I am available for sole traders as well as smaller, medium, large and multinational companies. However, I can also get excited about great services, products or brands - in which case collaboration through barter or a share in the project is also possible.